Accessible ECU Upgrades Make Power Stroke Engines Even More Impressive

Strictly Diesel sct tuner parts and programs can improve the torque and power output of almost any common truck engine. All modern internal combustion engines include small computers known as engine control units, or ECUs, that manage everything that happens within.

Most truck manufacturers ship their vehicles with ECU software that emphasizes reliability, fuel economy, and low emissions. In just about every case, however, it will be possible to replace that digital code with an alternative that delivers more performance.

With most truck engines including a fair amount of leeway, owners can choose anything from a mild tune-up to a serious upgrade that will need to be supported by other aftermarket parts. The selection of sct tuner 6.0 powerstroke programs, for instance, is such that almost any conceivable goal can easily be achieved.

Many Ways to Boost and Bolster the Performance of Modern Diesel Engines

Even when left to idle, the diesel power plant in a truck will normally be revolving hundreds of times per minute. When passing other vehicles on the road, a diesel engine like a Ford Power Stroke could be turning at a rate many times that figure.

All the while, the ECU within the engine will be continuously monitoring and adjusting dozens of important variables. From controlling the pressure of the vehicle's fuel rail to adding more air to the mix, this tiny computer is responsible for keeping the entire engine running at all times.

As might be expected, modifying the program that controls how the ECU works can easily affect the performance of the engine. Some of the types of tunes that are most often uploaded in place of the factory-stock ones could be characterized as:

Mild. Very basic, safe ECU program upgrades will often add a couple of dozen pound-feet of torque or a similar amount of horsepower at higher rates of engine operation. That can make a difference when towing or in everyday driving, without requiring any other adjustments to be made.

Extreme. On the other end of the scale, it is also possible to modify the code in an ECU such the engine's torque and power output will be increased by 25 percent or more. In just about every such case, it will be wise to invest in other upgrades so as to keep reliability high.

Options Abound for Truck Owners Interested in Tuning

As those who view more powerstroke tuners here will see, there are plenty of upgrades that fall between these endpoints, too. A quick trip online to learn about sct tuners will reveal many different options to consider.